Board Games and Weddings


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Something I’ve been hearing about over the past few months is board game themed weddings. Which is cute 🙂

So, let’s look into it a bit more

Of course, depending on which board games you decide on might affect your wedding colours… or you might decide to choose

Image found: but I'm really sorry, I don't know who to credit this to!
Image found: I’m really sorry, I don’t know who to credit this to!

your colours and have everything made to match (in which case, pick what you like! I have a handy dandy guide to choosing colours post that you might like to check out if you’re at that stage of wedding planning). But, there’s also the option of having modern games, or their vintage counterparts, so if vintage is your thing, that could be a nice variation on a theme for you.

(On a side note. if your’re a role playing game kinda couple, having an entire wedding themed around your favourite would be cool! I’m thinking dice as favours, invites in the style of the game cards, dresses and suits to the style, fabulous cakes… which could well be a blog post all on it’s own. So I think I’ll put a pin in that one and come back to it later, and concentrate on the sort of games everyone played as a kid)

The most popular board games for themed weddings seem to be Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly- which entirely makes sense, as they’re colourful, word-based and most people have played them so they’re super recognisable.

Cute details that I’ve seen are place cards made of Scrabble tiles (and wedding stationery with Scrabble tile details. In fact, I

Image found:
Image found:

have done some of those myself, and they’ll be arriving onto my website tomorrow afternoon!), Trivial Pursuit ice breakers- both generic and specific to the couple, which is fun- and tables named for Monopoly squares.

Also, you can hire giant games for your guests to play during photos 🙂

And how about having Jenga pieces for your guests to sign instead of a guest book? Or have blank cards in the style of your favourite board game, and use those instead? Or sign the board itself, and turn it into a piece of art for your home by adding a wedding photo at a later date

Of course, as with all wedding themes, you can go as far with board games as you want- you can get some amazing Scrabble tile print fabric that would be perfect for ties, fabric flowers or (if you’re feeling really bold) a wedding dress. You could set up a different game on each table that will serve as table name indicators and a fun ice breaker.

Image found:
Image found:

As ever, just have fun with it, think outside the box (as it were), and see what you come up with! There’s so many fun ways of using board games and their elements as part of your wedding, the sky’s the limit! I’ve been having a snoop around everyone’s favourite wedding planning tool, Pinterest, and have put together a whole board of great ideas for this theme, so go check that out 🙂

Image found:
Image found:

So, when you’re putting together your board game themed wedding, the main things you should think about are:

  • Take your colours from the games, or have everything made in your wedding colours to help create a coordinated, cohesive effect
  • Have a look around and see how other people are using games in their weddings. You might find an idea you love, or what you see might spark an awesome idea of your own!
  • Think out side the box- or, think INSIDE the box and analyse each component of the game and consider how it could become part of your wedding
  • Go as far as you want with the theme- use a few elements for a subtle nod to your love of games, or have everything entirely board game styled. It’s your wedding, if you want Scrabble tiles on your dress, don’t let anyone stop you!

Get the Look for Yourself

Keep calm and focus on Board Games Postcard

Keep calm and focus on Board Games Postcard

by sportshirt

Hope you enjoed this post 🙂 xxx


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