Wedding Trend: Rustic Chic

*Please note that this post contains affiliate links relating to this trend. This means that if you buy something as a result of clicking one of these links, I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you*

What it is: Rustic-styled weddings have been big news in the wedding world for the past few years. Rustic Chic notches the style up a level, creating a more refined and elegant look to your big day whilst retaining the relaxed country charm of the Rustic theme.

Who Should Choose This Style: Rustic Chic would be an ideal choice for couples who aren’t looking for a big, traditional wedding, favouring something more laid back instead. It is a flexible style to work with, allowing a couple to blend rustic, vintage and modern elements together to create a harmonious style.

Because many of the elements used with this theme can be found relatively cheaply (particularly when it comes to decorating your venue), this style would be a great choice for couples looking to create a gorgeous wedding on a modest budget.

Main Features:

  • Hessian/Burlap and natural canvas fabric
  • Lace
  • Pearls
  • Warm white fairy lights
  • Reclaimed weathered wood
  • Wildflowers, white roses and/or succulents
  • Ditsy print fabric
  • Vintage glassware
  • Tree slices
  • Naked cakes

Rustic Chic General Mood Board

Photo Sources:   1  2  3  4


Naturally, a barn setting or teepee is ideal, but this flexible trend will work in almost any setting. Even if you’re in a modern hotel, there are ways of bringing the outdoors in- look into table centres featuring tree stumps and flowers, chair sashes and table runners made of hessian and lace, or displays based around old wood (signs made from distressed wood always look good, as do decorative displays based around vintage ladders. The best part about these is that that are both easily set up and removed, making your set-up and dismantling time much shorter)

Rustic Chic Venue Decor

Photo Sources:   1   2   3

Style It Yourself

Blow the Budget!

Shoestring Style

Mid-range Marvels

Bride’s Style

As I said previously, your choice of wedding dress is quite open for this style. You can go vintage or modern, comfortable and unstructured or corseted with a full skirt- the combination or ‘rustic’ and ‘chic’ really options the options up for you! However, I’ve had a little rummage around the internets, and these are some of my faves

Rustic Wedding Dress

Photo Sources:   1   2   3   4

Style It Yourself

Blow the Budget!

Dress 1
Dress 2
Dress 3

Shoestring Style
Dress 5

Mid-range Marvels

Dress 6

Dress 7

Bridesmaid Style

This theme is the perfect place to get in on another hot wedding trend at the moment- patterns! This works great with a shorter style of dress (that will be very wearable for your girls after the big day). Retro, 1950’s style dresses are ideal, and are flattering on most body shapes.

[Inspiration Collage]

Style It Yourself

Blow the Budget!

Dress 8

Dress 9

Shoestring Style

Mid-range Marvels
Dress 10
Dress 11

Groom & Groomsmen

If you’re leaning more towards the ‘chic’ part of this trend, a classic tux or formal suit is great. But, if you’re going for the more relaxed side of this, why not experiment with some different fabrics? Tweeds are softer look than a traditional suit (and come in a wide range of textures, patterns and colours), and there’s more opportunity for quirky shirts and ties, as the following images show…

Style It Yourself

Blow the Budget!

Shoestring Style

Mid-range Marvels

Other styles you may like:

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