Summary of Wedding Stationery Explained

You may remember that I recently did a series of posts all about the function of each piece of wedding stationery, when you’d use them, and why you might not need them at all.

To save you having to trawl through all my posts to find what you’re looking for, here’s a brief summary of each (but if you’d like more details on any item, just click the link below the image to go to the full post)

Hope this helps!

Love, Rosie x

Save the Dates Summery

Save the Dates

Wedding Stationery Explained: Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Stationery Explained: Evening Invitations

Evening Invitations

Wedding Stationery Explained: RSVP


Wedding Stationery Explained: Order of Service

Order of Services

Wedding Stationery Explained: Table Stationery

Table Plan


Table Numbers/Names


Place Cards


Guest Book


Gift Box


Thank You cards




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